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Sam Leak & Dan Tepfer

Sam Leak & Dan Tepfer

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“Sam Leak and Dan Tepfer are two of the best pianists of their generation, and their convergence on this recording is astonishing."  Marcus O'Dair, Jazzwise/Uncut/Wire

Described as "compelling" and "reaching far beyond the jazz loop" (John Fordham), 'Adrift' is a unique composition for two pianos that explores the range of colours and possibilities offered by the unconventional lineup. Sometimes densely complex, at others eerily sparse; the writing is engaging and melodic, conjuring up images of a snow-brushed New York in winter. The composition was originally written for 2014's Steinway festival, held at London's Pizza Express Jazz Club. The success of this performance led the pianists to record the album at the Yamaha Piano Rooms in Midtown New York in January 2016. The album was released on Jellymould Jazz on 02/11/2018. 

What the critics have to say:

“Sam Leak and Dan Tepfer are two of the best pianists of their generation, and their convergence on this recording is astonishing.” 

Marcus O'Dair 


"this is a masterly and hypnotic work which lingers at length in the listener's mind" ★★★★ 

All About Jazz

"Originally commissioned by the Steinway Festival in 2014, Leak's Adrift is a suite consisting of eight movements, each one rolling into the next with suspenseful pacing, episodic development and harmonic sophistication. The duo shifts elegantly from post-romantic tremolos, to lush, occasional Gershwin-ish dreamscapes through to more pastoral Satie-jazz flavours." ★★★★ 

Jazzwise Magazine

"Dan Tepfer and Sam Leak share, anticipate, and enhance each other’s thoughts with a subtly crafted empathy that reaches far beyond the jazz loop" 

John Fordham

"entirely gripping from beginning to end, achieving an imaginatively coherent overlap between lyrical jazz and classical traditions." 

Selwyn Harris

“the music is magical throughout the date... constantly evolving and engaging... Sam Leak will be one to watch and hopefully U.S. jazz fans will have regular access to hearing him in concert and on CD.”

The New York City Jazz Record


“Subtle melodic themes sit alongside passionate improvised sections, the two carefully avoiding the collision of notes and egos that can overwhelm the best of piano duos. Throughout, the music is consistently engaging and melodic.... this is a collaborative performance of the highest creativity.”

Jazz Journal

“Sam Leak and Dan Tepfer’s Adrift is delightful, strong and vibrant. It is uplifting, bursting with bravado and energy, which makes listening easy yet also engaging, as there is enough going on to keep both brain and ears engaged right the way through" 

Sammy Stein, Something Else

"The quality of the pianism is beyond doubt and the tone exquisite"

Bebop Spoken Here

"Adrift' is a wonderful piece of musical storytelling from two jazz pianists at the top of their game" 

Jane Cornwell

Sam Leak is one of the finest young pianists on the UK jazz scene, deserving of far wider recognition, not only for his unique improvisational skills, but also for his compositions, which have great breadth and originality, while always being wonderfully accessible and positive... this fantastic duo recording needs to be put before a wider audience" 

Helen Mayhew

"A sensitive piano duet that flows from romance and contemplation to turbulence and joy"

Mike Hobart

"Ten out of ten for hooking me in. This short jazzy piano number is addictive"


"prodigiously creative and fluent pianists...a beautifully judged performance"
London Jazz News

“Two gifted jazz pianists who are pushing each other to go off the jazz piste and into somewhere else, and it’s a very beautiful somewhere else... it’s a strong blend of boldness and fragility.” 
Max Reinhardt, BBC Radio 3, Late Junction


The release of 'Adrift' was supported by a UK tour of the piece, as performed by Sam's trio. The performances were very well received by audiences across the country.


18/05/2018 - Wakefield Jazz Club, Yorkshire

22/05/2018 - Pizza Express Jazz Club, London

04/09/2018 - St Ives Jazz Club, St Ives 
02/10/2018 - The Flute and Tankard, Cardiff 
30/10/2018 - The Spotted Dog, Birmingham 
16/11/2018 - The Bebop Club, Bristol 
05/12/2018 - SUJC, Bournemouth 
13/11/2018 - The Vortex, London (ALBUM PARTY) 
16/12/2018 - Southampton Modern Jazz Club, Southampton 
17/12/2018 - The Whiskey Jar, Manchester 
21/12/2018 - Hot Numbers, Cambridge


Check out Sam Leak Trio  to read more about the band and to hear their own interpretation of 'Adrift.'

"And so a secret kiss
Brings madness with the bliss
And I will think of this
When I'm dead in my grave
Set me adrift and I'm lost over there
And I must be insane
To go skating on your name
And by tracing it twice
I fell through the ice"


Tom Waits - "Alice"


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